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We are now fully booked for 2017 and 2018. 2019 appointments will not available until the end of this year.

PLEASE NOTE : The 2018 price is $150 for the reading including a gift and a CD recording of the reading.

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About Angels Amongst Us

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Judy has been a full time Medium since 2007 when circumstances required her to leave full time Nursing. From her previous employment she learnt to be compassionate and caring which has lead to her becoming the person she is today.

Her clients would describe her as comforting, easy to speak to and extremely friendly. Judy possesses an aura that attracts people and makes them want to be around her. With these qualities and her gift, each reading becomes an experience that will never be forgotten. Her clients also become friends.

Judy receives messages from passed loved ones through many sources. She can feel, hear, smell and see spirit which enables her to deliver specific messages. Just because you want to know that Aunt Martha is content on the other side, it doesn’t mean that this is the message you will receive. Judy will be given the information that you need at that time of your life. This message may even come from a distant loved one who has passed.

Judy works with the Angels and her Spirit Guides to deliver messages that are very specific. The specific detail that she provides, comes directly from your loved one that has decided to come and speak with you during your visit to Judy. This will give you the answers you need and let’s you know that your loved ones are in a happy place and amongst other loved ones that may have passed too.

Through years of personal growth Judy has learned not to fear her ability, but to embrace it. Judy believes everyone has a sixth sense, and it is up to them whether or not they choose to enhance it.

Every reading that Judy conducts comes with a professionally presented CD that will allow you to revisit your reading at any time to recall what was communicated during your time with her.

Through the Angels and her Spirit Guides, you will experience many emotions during your reading but you will also get the information that you need at that stage of your life. However, what she communicates should not be used to overrule any professional advice that may have been given. Judy is not a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist or psychologist, therefore is not qualified to give you or intend to replace professional advice of a trained professional.

We hope to meet you one day and prove to you that there really are Angels Amongst Us.



Darrin has always been focused on people throughout his professional career as a certified trainer and manager. During this time his focus was always on developing people to be better at what they do and help them achieve their individual goals whilst having the end result in sight.

In 2014 Darrin decided it was time to focus on people on a more personal level. Helping people achieve their dreams in life and not just in their careers. By focusing on embedded beliefs and life experience, Darrin is able to facilitate an alternate life path and create new beliefs that serve a positive purpose in their lives.

Darrin has studied through The Coaching Institute and is an Associate Member of the International Coach Guild. Darrin has been formally trained by Sharon Pearson who is a world recognised coach, speaker and founder of The Coaching Institute.

In 2017 Angels Amongst Us officially announced the introduction of F.O.C.U.S. Which will sit under the Angels Amongst Us banner but has become the coaching side of the business.;

Darrin’s intention is to make a positive contribution to society one person at a time. The safest investment you will ever make in your lifetime is in yourself! Invest in yourself today and contact Darrin.