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Judy is fully booked for 2018. 2019 appointments are now available.

PLEASE NOTE : The 2018 price is $150 for the reading including a gift and a CD recording of the reading.

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Testimonials From Clients

We have helped hundreds of people over the years, here are a few testimonials from clients we have helped...


"I had the pleasure of having a Reading by Judy. I was totally amazed at her accuracy considering all she had was a photo, and the fact that I live in Western Australia. It gave me a real feeling of peace to know that my loved ones and my Angels are looking over me and my family. I have found Judy to be a very caring and loving natured person who is blessed with an ability to be treasured. I will definitely have another reading at a later date. I am looking forward to finally meeting up and having a face to face reading in the near future. Thank you so much Judy and may the Angels keep watch over you always."
Janie - Perth WA

"Having been asked to attend a reading with a my best friend, I never anticipated the outcome I experienced during my own. I've had readings by numerous mediums over the years, but none have been so precise and honest to see or ask about my intuitiveness.

I was truely amazed at the insight of Judy's gift, the magnetism of her nature and the comfort in her voice. No words can express the gratitude I can express to her, for the answers she so honestly gave me from her heart. Judy not only guided my family to me, but also managed to help a another friend with his life and family, through mine.
Judy insists that I listen more closely to my guides, to enrich my intuitive side, and to embrace my gift with thanks to my Angels and Guides. She truely is an Angel amongst us."
Yvonne - MacArthur NSW

"I had the pleasure of having a reading with Judy recently. I was amazed at the accuracy of the information she relayed to me. About my children, my family, and my past. There were many points made that I had never told anyone before, some from childhood, my career, and family issues that were so true... she even had my uncle come through to talk to me... a real character that Judy did verify with the type of personality he had and the many special moments we had together. The manner in which he presented himself was so much like he was in life, vibrant and fun. I found the reading informative and enlightening with a friendly approach that made it so much more special. The best I had ever had."
Thank you dear angel. B.M.

"Through Judy and her readings I have connected to my spiritual side on a much deeper level than I ever thought possible. The knowledge that she possesses and the answers that come to her have helped to reaffirm things in my life and help guide me in the right direction.  She has an amazing presence that makes you feel comfortable and safe to go through the journey she takes you on."
Vanessa - Seven Hills NSW